Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Week 17, September 5th- Green Sprouts Overnight
This is Week 17 of our 20 week 2012 Community Supported Agriculture program.  That means that Wednesday, September 26th is the last CSA box of the year. 

Enjoy, my friends! We have some the first of the fall fresh greens for you! Arugula and lettuce mix.  The fall seeds, seedlings, and transplanted veggies have sprouted up overnight with our irrigation and mostly with the cool refreshing rain.

Remember, the fall greens season is throughout October and into November.  We don’t stop growing veggies at the end of the CSA season! You can find our fresh veggies at the Saturday Morganton Farmers’ Market from 8 am til noon all the way until October 27th.  After that you can find us at Farmer Fridays from 5 til 6:30 pm every Friday in November until Thanksgiving. 
Please remember to wash produce.

Coming soon to your CSA box…Edamame, Sweet potatoes, Radishes
This week’s box:
Lettuce mix and Arugula! –Delicious crisp greens are back. 
Tomatoes- As a neighboring farmer says, these tomatoes are the “last of the Mohicans.” Well, they aren’t the last tomatoes, but we are getting fewer and fewer each week.
Cherry Tomatoes- Sweet little cherry tomatoes are still growing away in the hoophouse.  The plants seem well protected from the elements and any last season diseases.  Keep growing, little ones!
Red Peppers- Not all of the peppers are as big anymore, but still wonderful and sweet.
 Cucumbers- Just a few.  We have a young succession of plants that have started producing cucumbers.  We are lucky to have them.  Usually this time of year it is too hot and humid for the plants and they die of disease. Enjoy the bounty this year!
Beans-mix of green pole beans and long red noodle beans.
Basil-Oh the wonderful scent of basil.  I love harvesting it for you all.
Eggplant-    Try simmering cubed eggplant in lightly salted water for a few minute before adding to tomato sauce or a vegetable saut√©. 

Wow! I found a ton of beautiful pepper recipes at the Martha Stewart website.  .
Collection of Red Pepper Recipes
Stuffed Red Peppers with Cherry tomatoes, feta, and thyme.

How about some green bean recipe ideas? Martha Stewart provides inspiration again…
Healthy Green Bean Recipes
Three Bean Salad with Honey Mustard Vinaigrette
If you don’t have watercress or mache on hand (and you won’t, because mache doesn’t grow here when green beans grow), you can use arugula, lettuce, or any other salad green,

   This is one of the hoophouses keeping the cherry tomatoes plants producing wonderful little tomatoes!

William and Marie

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