Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Week 6 Kale and Beets

FALL CSA Harvest Week 6:
Beats and Kale!
Waxed veggie BOXES: Please return the waxed veggie boxes that your veggies come in.  Simply trade us an empty box for a full box each week. 
This is Week 6 out of your 8 week Fall Community Supported Agriculture membership.
After a summer of floods it is wild to walk across the now very dry fields.  Usually we don’t have to irrigate much in the fall because plants aren’t really growing.  But this fall it has stopped raining and the plants are practically dehydrating in front of our very eyes.  So we have continued with weekly irrigation.

Irrigation is more of a challenge in the fall though because of freezing temperatures.   We have a low tech heater for the pump so it won’t freeze and crack-ruining it.  As long as the freezes aren't too severe we can put a tarp over the pump with a light bulb on overnight.  It keeps the water enough above freezing to keep us up and running into the fall.

Let us know if you questions or comments about your veggies!

Farm Fresh Harvest

Kale- lovely curly kale
Beets- Delicious deep red and sweet, great raw or cooked.
Water melon radishes- beautiful color.  Add grated or sliced to salads. 
Scallions- mild onion flavor great cooked or raw

Arugula-Fresh salads!

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